September 24, 2015

Today i heard a story that nearly brought me to my knees. One of the boys at today’s clinic had been abandoned by his parents because of his disability. His Gogo, a beautiful woman, now cares for him with no support from the parents.

With little money she struggles to provide for him. Often she is unable to afford his diapers and has to resorts to home made alternatives made from old fabric and plastic bags.

His ARVs are provided by one of the large Pediatric AIDS foundations in Swaziland but the reality is that the Gogo sometimes struggles to afford the 10 Emalangeni (50p) needed to make the trip to collect the medication.

How can this be happening in 2015? How are we allowing it? Never have we had so much when others have so little.

Sep. 24 2015

Aidan O'Neill