September 1, 2015

Over the weekend i traveled up to the small rural village of Malanda, situated on Emlembe, the highest mountain in Swaziland. The event, a Lobola offering. The Swazi equivalent of a dowry. Usually around 17 cows are offered for a  bride, 2 of which are slaughtered on the second day to be feasted upon on the third.
My friend Benjamin invited me up weeks ago, so i packed my bags and headed North. The people of Emlembe couldn’t have been more welcoming to this umlungu (google it).
The idea of the lobola is to bring the families together. Two cows are eaten and several are sold at market so the brides family can buy the newlyweds gifts.
It was one of the most bizarre few days of my life!

Sep. 1 2015

Aidan O'Neill