December 17, 2015

Today was another amazing highlight from my time in Swaziland. On the back of the preview show we held here in conjunction with Yebo Art Gallery we managed to raise SZL48000 (€2920) to help families badly affected by the drought. Ezendwendweni is a Village in south Swaziland that has a big place in my heart as it was one of the first villages i spent time in when I arrived. After many trips back over the months, i could see the devastating affect on families. It was with much pride today that we filled up a truck with care parcels for the 75 families in the community. The pastor told us that there are on average 12 people per family. That’s around 900 people who’s Christmas might have been made a little easier thanks to your very kind donations. I cant thank you all enough. Loads more images on our FB page

Dec. 17 2015

Aidan O'Neill