November 24, 2015

I spent yesterday morning with two Siphilile Mentor Mothers as they visited their clients. Siphilile aims to improve maternal and child health and nutrition through the implementation of a community-based Mentor Mother program. This community-based peer support model empowers women, and society as a whole, to make fact-based decision and to take action for a better and healthier life.

Many of the stories yesterday broke my heart, made me angry, and made me value how lucky I am to have been born in to the life I was. The only thing separating my life from a life of poverty, disease and malnutrition was pot luck. Same for all of us! We need to stand up and help our neighbors who’s only sin was to be born less fortunate than us

To use a tired, beaten up old cliché, Siphilile offers a hand up, not a hand out. By educating and changing attitudes they are making differences that will be woven in to the fabric of generations to come.

Please visit to read more about this amazing organisation

Nov. 24 2015

Aidan O'Neill